Tour Tango in Buenos Aires, November 2007

La Boca

A true Porteno (native of Buenos Aires), Mathis was our driver and guide.

Polo, the sport of kings

The Argentines are the best Polo players in the world. We attended the opening of the International Polo Championship.

Project Name

We had daily tango lessons in the studio of Maria Edith, a renowned dancer.

International Polo Championship

It was hot at the opening of the International Polo Championship. Mathis explained the rules of the game to us.

The milongas

At night we would hit the Milongas, the halls where locals dance the tango.

La Recoletta

After the daily tango lessons, the ladies would go shopping in La Recoletta, where the elegant shops are.

Tango show and dinner

Buenos Aires has excellent restaurants, and the best beef in the world. Each night we had dinner at a different place.

The tango

We attended some amazing tango shows during the week.

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