MEISSEN – the royal porcelain

When my Grandma talked about people she deemed ‘important’, in her tightly-knit German community of Southern Brazil, she would refer to them as “people who eat off Meissen plates.” As a child, I thought that the handmade plates from Germany were a privilege of very special people. Grandma passed away many years ago (at 96!)Continue reading “MEISSEN – the royal porcelain”

Leipzig, Germany – hidden no more

In ‘Faust’, Goethe’s masterpiece, one of the characters calls Leipzig ‘little Paris,’ for its beauty and love of arts. Long hidden behind the Iron Curtain, in communist East Germany, Leipzig’s beauty can now be seen again by the whole world. Art is everywhere in the city, even my hotel doubled as an art gallery forContinue reading “Leipzig, Germany – hidden no more”

Dresden, Germany – from ashes to glory

Viewed from the Elbe River, Dresden has a striking silhouette: delicate spirals, soaring towers and imposing palace domes. Some buildings are still covered by layers of dark dust, a reminder of the Allied bombings the city endured at the end of World War II. Locked away behind the Iron Curtain since the end of WWII,Continue reading “Dresden, Germany – from ashes to glory”

Top 10 places to visit in Brittany after COVID-19

As of September, 2020, Americans are still not allowed to travel to Europe, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And while travel restrictions might be lifted at any time, it is a good idea to play safe and avoid traveling to crowded places, even after things go back to normal.   That’s why I’m thinking ofContinue reading “Top 10 places to visit in Brittany after COVID-19”