Summer in New York – the good and the bad

What we call New York City is actually five distinct boroughs – Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. But for the purpose of this post, let’s focus on Manhattan, since it’s the place tourists visit the most. I just got back to Florida after a few days in NYC, and the city wasContinue reading “Summer in New York – the good and the bad”

World Cup 1998 – Losing in Geneva, winning in Paris

I will never forget that week in July, 1998, when I left my 11 year old daughter Clara in a summer camp in Geneva, Switzerland. It was the first time she would be away from home. The idea started when friends said that Le Rosey was a good school for girls to learn French quickly.Continue reading “World Cup 1998 – Losing in Geneva, winning in Paris”

Princess Diana’s death – that night in Paris

I was in Paris with my family in August of 1997 when tragedy struck near us… My husband and I, and our two daughters, arrived in Paris from New York early in the morning on a clear day in mid-August. We had rented a summer home in Mougins, a quaint village in the South, andContinue reading “Princess Diana’s death – that night in Paris”

The West Algarve, Portugal

The southernmost tip of Portugal, the Algarve has 96 miles of spectacular coastline on the Atlantic, with a culture and scenery very different from the rest of the country. With mild year-round weather, warm sea waters, a rich history and culinary traditions, the area has seen international tourism replace agriculture and fishing, since an internationalContinue reading “The West Algarve, Portugal”

Central and East Algarve, Portugal

The Moors of North Africa – Muslims who for centuries occupied Portugal and Spain –  called it Al-Garb; it was the gateway to their possessions in Southern Europe. Portugal’s southernmost tip, the Algarve has 96 miles of coastline on the Atlantic, with some of the prettiest beaches in Europe. With a year-round mild climate, it’sContinue reading “Central and East Algarve, Portugal”

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a land of beauty

Rio’s beauty dazzles newcomers even before they land at Galeão airport. From the air, this Brazilian city of 8 million people looks spectacular – the blue waters of the Atlantic shining under the intense tropical sun, the white sand of the coastline contrasting with the lush green mountains, and – on top of the highestContinue reading “Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – a land of beauty”

Le Marais, Paris – a walking & shopping guide

I enjoy Paris more when I rent an apartment than when I stay in hotels. Not only because it costs less, but because being in my own place allows me to live like Parisians do – buy fresh ingredients at local shops and cook meals at home, or enjoy a fresh baguette for breakfast withContinue reading “Le Marais, Paris – a walking & shopping guide”

Joanna, princess of Portugal – the one who wouldn’t be queen

Few countries have a history as rich as Portugal’s, or such unique cultural traditions. A superpower in the 15th and 16th centuries, thanks to the wealth brought by its colonies around the world, Portugal erected some of the most magnificent palaces, churches and monasteries of Europe. The Portuguese have the oldest nation-state in Europe, theContinue reading “Joanna, princess of Portugal – the one who wouldn’t be queen”

Buenos Aires – tango, polo and savoir-faire

Buenos Aires is one of my favorite cities in the world. Cosmopolitan, charming, with world-class hotels, restaurants and shopping, it’s where the South American culture meets its European roots. Buenos Aires offers the same cultural variety of cities like London, New York or Paris –  for a fraction of the cost. The exchange rate inContinue reading “Buenos Aires – tango, polo and savoir-faire”

Paris, France- a lovely New Year's eve

I was in Paris for the 2007 Réveillon, as the French call New Year’s Eve. It was a typical winter in Paris – cold and grey, with occasional light rain, but the city was all dressed-up for the holidays, and full of people from every corner of the world. The streets of Paris always remindContinue reading “Paris, France- a lovely New Year's eve”