Under the Algarve Sun

Confined at home during Covid, I decided to take the time to write a book about a trip I took in 2019 to the Algarve, Portugal’s sunniest coastline and one of the world’s most coveted destinations.

Under the Algarve Sun is the tale of the two weeks I spent there with my uncle Ivar, crossing the gorgeous province from east – the border with Spain – to west, to Sagres, once called “the end of the world”.

Ivar and I rented a car in Lisbon, and were delighted with the scenic beaches, ancient fishing ports, quaint mountain villages and amazing cuisine of the Algarve. In the book I crossed out the tourist traps and the overcrowded places, in order to help people going there plan their trip.

I think that the Algarve is the most delightful part of Portugal, and in Under the Algarve Sun I tried to capture the enchantment and the excitement I felt discovering it.

The book was published at Amazon. You can see it at https://rxe.me/NNVWWS

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