North Finistere, Brittany – sea and sky

Driving west along the coast of Bretagne (Brittany) in France, from Roscoff to the end of the province, I noticed a drastic change in the landscape: the region called North Finistère is far less populated than its eastern part, where St-Malo is located. The North has open spaces, deserted beaches, lighthouses guarding jagged reefs and strong winds – lots of it.

Traditional Breton architecture, the picturesque stone houses, still dominated coastal resorts like Brignogan, a charming town with white sandy beaches near the Pontusval lighthouse. Despite being the middle of winter, the sun was out and people were playing on the beach, while at the local cafe customers sat outside enjoying the balmy weather.

Further west from Brignogan were wide empty beaches, narrow creeks and cliffs topped by lighthouses, reminders that the Finistere is a seafaring land. Its extraordinary pearly light, shimmering skies and the constant proximity of the water totally charmed me.

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