Alluring Sibenik

Most international tourists coming to Croatia skip Sibenik, the country’s tenth largest city. Which is a shame, because – as I discovered during the summer of 2021 – Sibenik and the surrounding Sibenik Riviera are among the most scenic parts of the Dalmatian coast. Sibenik boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage, has amazing architectureContinue reading “Alluring Sibenik”

Trogir, an open-air museum

One of the best-preserved medieval places in Europe, Trogir is known for its fortified walls and impressive Romanesque, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. A small islet just off the coast of mainland Croatia, this attractive port town is a 30 minute car ride north of Split, the country’s second largest city.  In 1997, Trogir won theContinue reading “Trogir, an open-air museum”

Exclusive Vis

A two-hour ferry ride from Split, Vis is the furthest island in the Dalmatian archipelago from the Croatian mainland. It is quite small – only 34 square miles – but what it lacks in size, it more than compensates for in beauty, unspoiled nature and history.  It is also sparsely populated – only 4,000 peopleContinue reading “Exclusive Vis”

Beautiful Brac

Even after spending three months in Croatia during the summer of 2021, doing research for a book, I still hesitate when I am asked which Croatian island is my favorite. That is not an easy choice. But the Island of Brac, off the coast of Split, earned its place in the top tier of myContinue reading “Beautiful Brac”

Hvar, the jet setter’s paradise of Croatia

I had heard of Hvar (pronounced ‘Huar’ in Croatian) long before I ever set foot in Croatia. This famous Croatian island off the Dalmatian coast is known for having it all: lush nature, rich history, beautiful architecture, scenic beaches and exciting nightlife, plus stylish restaurants, bars and hotels. Of course that doesn’t go unnoticed: eachContinue reading “Hvar, the jet setter’s paradise of Croatia”

Croatia, the beautiful

The first time I saw the Croatian coast on the Adriatic Sea was from the window of a bus going from the capital Zagreb to Dubrovnik. My immediate reaction upon witnessing that stunning view was, “How come I have never been here before?” But I actually knew why. From the end of World War IIContinue reading “Croatia, the beautiful”

Under the Algarve Sun

Confined at home during Covid, I decided to take the time to write a book about a trip I took in 2019 to the Algarve, Portugal’s sunniest coastline and one of the world’s most coveted destinations. Under the Algarve Sun is the tale of the two weeks I spent there with my uncle Ivar, crossingContinue reading “Under the Algarve Sun”

Bayreuth and Wagner

I love opera! The music, the stories, the drama! Opera is life on steroids, and I’m always in awe when I watch it live on a stage or listen to it at home or in the car. I was in Berlin when I learned that my ‘reliable’ contact to get me tickets for the BayreuthContinue reading “Bayreuth and Wagner”

Berlin and the Wall

Arriving in Berlin for the first time felt like going back home. That’s because my grandparents were German immigrants, and the language I heard growing up was German. Maybe because of that, and of the stories I heard about World War II as a child, Berlin touched me deeply. The German capital is a cityContinue reading “Berlin and the Wall”


I lived in New York for 31 years. I’m no longer there, but New York felt like home from day one, when from the window of my plane I saw the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center shining under the morning sun. Born and raised in Brazil, I was in my 20’s when IContinue reading “I LOVE NEW YORK!”

The Pink Granite Coast

One of the most scenic coastlines in France is in Bretagne (Brittany), between Saint-Brieuc, west of Saint-Malo, and Perros-Guirec. That’s the Pink Granite Coast, or, as the French call it, ‘la Cote de Granit Rose.’ This remarkably beautiful coastline is quite different from the rest of Bretagne: the rocks have an incredible pink hue, rightContinue reading “The Pink Granite Coast”


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