Custom trips for culture lovers

An inspiring travel plan takes knowledge, research and time.

That’s what we do.

Having a detailed, comprehensive travel plan in place, before leaving home, is critical in getting the most out of a trip. Culture lovers know that. We create travel plans and itineraries around their interests and tastes, keeping in mind that they seek to understand the history, arts, architecture and cuisine of a destination, rather than just checking off the boxes of a sightseeing trip.

Whether traveling independently, or in a small group of like-minded people, we make sure that you will have a plan uniquely tailored to you and your vision. Let us help you realize that vision.

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Who’s the writer on the road?

As a journalist living and working in three major international centers – São Paulo, New York City and London – I became fluent in five languages and aware of the nuances of countries and cultures. I now use that knowledge, and the experience acquired in 30 years around the world, to help travelers get the most out of their trips.

And I’m still on the road…

Beatriz Ball

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What people say…

When you travel with Bea, you immediately become part of her family in another country. She’s like your savvy, sophisticated, well-traveled cousin who knows all the best places to go, and who brings along a wonderful support group of friends and guides. It’s an intimate experience and you come away with the real flavor a place, not the usual tourist fare. I’ve joined her on several wonderful trips, and highly recommend them.

Candace Taubner

Enfin une agence de voyage qui vise l’excellence, le bien être et le confort de chacun ! En plus du haut niveau des services proposés, les guides sont absolument hors-concours dans le sens de l’éducation, de la culture et du raffinement ! Vraiment unique ! Congratulations !

Lisane Bufquin

Travelling with Bea is sheer joy. When she plans a trip she plans everything perfectly. Bea knows the best, most current restaurants, hotels, shops, clubs, etc. We’ve had several adventurous journeys over the last ten years which will forever live in my memory. I can’t wait for the next.

Sherry Donovan